Dedicated to the conservation and protection of Native Fish.

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Natives is an apparel / media company dedicated to bringing public awareness to native fish across the US. We work collaboratively to protect native fish species and educate anglers. We do this through media and apparel. Our native inspired designs provide a new perspective, by taking the native fish from different regions and pairing it with its state symbols. Its a bit of a play on words since we are native people to our region, fishing for native fish. Our social media outlets highlight the information we share with the fly fishing community and local events to get involved in. 


Our goal is to connect with local anglers in other states to help spread the word about  conservation. Overtime this awareness will help the return on investment of the time, money and workforce already dedicated to native fish conservation. Also, connecting and working with organizations like Trout Unlimited to spread the word about conservation events and efforts will help educate anglers on proper conservation habits.


Formed in 2014, with a passion to restore the West Virginia‚Äôs native brook we have grown larger into different regions across the US with a new motivation to protect more Native fish species within their watersheds. Native's, collaborative and multi-state approach was designed to educate avid anglers to get more involved with thier local conservation organizations like Trout Unlimited (TU). We believe our branding strategy is valuable to native fish conservation because it brings to light the need for every angler to have a mindset of protecting our fish and their habitats so that they can grow and thrive for future generations.


We would not be able to do what we do with out the help of these amazing partners! They help gear us up for adventures. If you are interested in joining our group of partners please contact us!